If It’s Easy It’s Not Love

“From this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us apart. “ Sometimes these vows seem to be too demanding to be followed literally. When things start falling apart, the very string that holds two people together starts snapping. The Continue Reading


About Strong People With Soft Heart

You are always ready to help everyone to fix their problems, give them a solid advice. You think it’s your duty to calm others, to stand by someone who needs you the most. You don’t run over the facts, listen to your hearts, go by your feelings. You wear your Continue Reading


To The Parents Who Think Their Child is Too Young to Understand

I heard many parents saying, “you are a kid, you won’t understand, stay out of our conversation, you are too young to give us an opinion.” These phrases usually underestimate a child’s brain mental capacity. Even I also heard these sentences from my elders. What parents forget to see is Continue Reading


What a Mother Wants to Teach Her Daughter

Your children will learn skills, they will learn how to deal with the outer world, but one thing that no one illuminates them, to fight with the inner challenges. You can teach her your life lessons. Here what a mother wants to cultivate in her daughter. It’s ok to care Continue Reading


Are You Too Much Dependent in a Relationship?

We human are meant to love and to be loved, our heart can never be free. We look for one person that can hold a claim over the beating. But sometimes, love become addictive and leaves us in dependency. You should rely on your partner to some extent but not Continue Reading

positively selfish

Things You Should Do For Yourself Without Being Selfish: Stay Positively Selfish

How many times do you reject yourself for sake of others? How many times do you put your health, success, work, and happiness at stake? By doing so, you are not being generous, but you are ruining your life. I am not saying leave your people to die and enjoy Continue Reading


Smart Ways to Stop Addiction of Smartphones in Kids

Does your kid ignore your voice or callings while using mobile? Keep using smartphone even sitting in the group? Social friends become more important than friend standing behind him? Get irritated or behave aggressively when the phone is out of his or her hands? Warning! Your child is being addicted Continue Reading


Someday I Will See You: Letter to Unknown (Maybe my Future Partner)

I know you are out there. Someday I will see you when you will be here sitting right next to me. I will tell you how my day was, how it made me feel lonely, and how strongly I acted. I will tell you, how one day, I fought with Continue Reading


I never said it, But I Want to Do This for You: Daughter Love for Mother

Like everybody, I won’t thank you. Our relationship, your love, care for me, and my bestowed respect towards you are beyond such meanings. I am dependent on you Maa. Every day, I get up I look at you to end up my daily needs. You scold me, and I get Continue Reading