Let’s Overcome Fear oF Public Speaking

In this world of growing consumerism, the ability to efficiently to present yourself and your brand is a skill everyone craves for. A lot of people find themselves searching for words while their foreheads start to sweat and eventually end of stammering and feeling ashamed. The fear of public speaking, Continue Reading


When You Think Your Life Sucks

It sucks when the close family members leave you to die when your friends who assumed to be around forever become stranger in the blink of an eye when someone says, “I love you” and throws your trust right back in your face. It sucks, despite all your efforts people Continue Reading


You Cannot Let Your Failure Define You

You failed, you broke down, you lost respect, you lost confidence, you deprived of everything you had for you inside. We are all in this mess of life, trying to fight through, trying to make sense of our troubles, trying to find companionship, love, hope, peace, and success. Take your Continue Reading


Life Lessons to Learn Before You Turn 30

Can I buy that? Haven’t we all dreamed of a big bungalow, a lavish car, and a prodigious lifestyle?  While we tend to fixate on the belief that money can solve all our problems, we must understand that though money can be used as a tool to achieve our desired Continue Reading


I Always Want to Be The Better One, but that doesn’t stop me to be happy

I am the one who never follows rules, who refuse to tame others, who always listen to voices of her spirit.  I eternally focus on the next move, next place, the next destination. I am the one who gets up at 3 Am to answer the most unsatisfied questions. What Continue Reading

If You Are Doing This You Are Limiting Your True Potential

We often settle for less. We read self-help book, but many less of us actually work on self-improvement. Human capacity is incredible, we can actually achieve what we want. You can have more meaningful life, fulfilling heart, healthy body, and a mindful brain. If you are not investing in personal Continue Reading


Make Time For The Things You Value The Most

Life is busy and it always will be. It’s hard to get all household chores complete, exercise, work, eat healthily and take care of wellbeing. All the daily responsibilities leave no room for fun, inspiring, educational activities and spend time with the loved once, family, friends. But it’s important to Continue Reading


Questions You Should Ask Yourself Frequently: Let’s Grow Together

We always live in autopilot mode. We rarely think about the things that matter most in our life. You should put a question mark on almost everything. It uncovers buried belief, challenges your capacities, face off your present situation, and give a clear picture of everything. Sometimes, we need to Continue Reading


Maintain Your Emotional Boundaries

Do you find people taking advantage of your being nice? playing with your emotion? Intruding too much in your personal space? Excessively adjusting to fit in relationships. You speak defensive, feel like a victim, act like a bully. Your self-esteem loses its existence, sometimes, you find yourself stressed and burned Continue Reading