Increase Your Happiness Hormones

Life can be exhausting at times. The constant attack of stress and depression leaves us drained and tired. In these pressured up situations, the smile turns upside down. We all want to remain happy and refreshed the moment we step out of the bed, but mostly we are irritated and Continue Reading


Be Happy If You Want To Be Healthy

Are you happy? Are you satisfied with life or lifestyle you are living? If no, I am sure, you are not healthy either. Good health is absolutely correlated with happiness. Certainly, ill health is a stressor and a real burden in life. So, if being unhealthy can ruin your life, Continue Reading

healthy habits

Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

Do you know why our life is stressful? The root is we build some unhealthy habits unconsciously. Smallest things have the biggest impact on lives. Better living is a daily process. All we expect better and happier lives without efforts. Some little efforts can change your living sense dramatically. But Continue Reading