Never Pressurize Your Child to Be Perfect

Do you guys remember ‘Sharmaji ka ladka’( Mr.Sharma’s son) from your childhood? I bet you do. Who could forget that wicked little person with whom we were always compared to? You get a 99% and as luck would favour, Sharmaji’s son scored a perfect 100%. Flush! Down goes all the Continue Reading


To The Parents Who Think Their Child is Too Young to Understand

I heard many parents saying, “You are a kid, you won’t understand, stay out of our conversation, you are too young to give us an opinion.” These phrases usually underestimate a child’s brain mental capacity. Even I also heard these sentences from my elders. What parents forget to see is Continue Reading


Are You Over Obsessed With the Studies?

The study is not something that children taught in school it is a collective response to everything they learn in their life. You must have heard my child top every year in the school. Congrats, if actually did happen. But pressurizing your child only to be at the top is Continue Reading