I heard many parents saying, “You are a kid, you won’t understand, stay out of our conversation, you are too young to give us an opinion.” These phrases usually underestimate a child’s brain mental capacity. Even I also heard these sentences from my elders.

What parents forget to see is that their kid is no more a kid, he has grown up, and he is young now. Most of the parents think that their young folk is immature and irresponsible. They are not treated seriously. Often they are ignored, their opinion either suppressed or met the dustbin.

More than the young boys, young girls are less heard and taken for granted. The very first, a problem arises in the family, where elders let not them speak in serious matters.

Don’t treat your children like adolescents. If you’ll consider them a mature and grown-up person, they will behave in the same way.

Young children can have intense feelings, they understand things, sometimes, before you speak. You should let not hide anything from them even you think they won’t understand it is your duty to make them understand.

Age has no bearing on life experience, don’t make an opinion about someone. Not all young are drug addicts not all teenage are pregnant, don’t label them. Don’t judge them. Don’t make too many assumptions about them. Give them a chance to prove themselves.

Age is not a parameter of someone’s capacity to understand something. Everyone has their own values to be taken seriously, they all want to be successful against all odds.

I believe, the extrinsic presentation of young life by the media, is the main reason of this biased behavior. They saw them as degenerate, irresponsible young kids who hardly use their brains.

True the parents have a better experience of life but whatever they think, and decide for their child may or may not be correct.

If you are deciding anything for your young, seek his advice, talk to him what he wants. Even in some family or political issues, you should ask him what he thinks.

Make him feel like a responsible person of the family. Your child will trust you, and your family will share a great compassion and love.