You wish to cast forward the life to the day when your story will be better. You allow your brain to take control of everything. We often live in next moment where we plan everything, try to control the things that are not in our hands. People love the feeling of researching and executing a plan flawlessly.

We try to control the thing for we have doubts. Ask yourself why you want to control everything? Why you want to control how people should behave, how they should act, how they should speak to you. Why you want to control even your own life.

The process goes through many downfalls. Things never remain the same for us to always talk about. You forget to appreciate the things you are living with. You start living in a cage where you are a slave of yourself. You think, if you try hard, push yourself little further, working some more hours, you’ll figure the whole things out.

You think that you have the power that you solely will arrive your destination, you will control what things will come in your journey. You create a road map that you think is perfect, plot a beautiful route and start walking on it. You are putting a barrier in the natural process. You can plan your destination but you cannot decide the journey.

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Then comes the unknown, where you struggle, you want to know, understand, and choose. And sometimes, you become directionless, know nothing where to go.

There you ought to give permission to trust the unknown. To let go and believe that it’s your life, and it’ll never take you to the wrong. You should believe in you, but not rely solely on your own. You need him (the unknown power).

You can never truly experience a lasting sense of peace. Absolute happiness is freedom from the chaos in our mind.

You have your choices, a right to create the lay out of project. But you cannot decide who will stumble across your path. You cannot choose what will happen to you, good or bad. Even you’re right, stop, and take a deep breath. You cannot plan for the unforeseen, the moment of joy in life, things that are destined to happen, people who are supposed to come in life. You need to trust. Things will come as naturally as you continue.

We all plan for future and this is somehow rudimentary for individual growth. But you cannot plan everything, you cannot control everything. You must learn to accept and let life play out. Learn to surrender the things that are beyond our control.

Surrendering doesn’t mean you are giving up. It just a sign that you are strong enough to let go, you know how to go along with the flow of life. It means to stop quarreling with yourself, fighting with the universe and the natural flow of things.

When you surrender, you allow things to happen instead of making them happen. You will stay more open to the new opportunities.