Your children will learn skills, they will learn how to deal with the outer world, but one thing that no one illuminates them, to fight with the inner challenges. You can teach her your life lessons. Here what a mother wants to cultivate in her daughter.

It’s ok to care what people think:

Everybody say, don’t care what others think about you. But honestly, nobody follows. We live in a society, our every decision, action, behavior influences many, even if we don’t want, we have to care about others. But we can limit it. Care but let them not overpower you. Don’t give them liberty to control your life.

If someone laughs at you, mimic you. Ask yourself: is it true?? Understand that everyone is not going to one with you. And that’s ok. You are not supposed to make everything alright at every place.

Don’t need to fit into labels:

Not all will see your true potential and real beauty. People will expect you to fit inside categories, everyone is going to spills out these boxes. They will put different labels, try to hold you in their own world. You have all rights to contradict, to rebel, to stand against them.

Be what you want to be, like what you like. You don’t really need to conform feminist pinkish world. You have all rights to be different as far as you know reality. This is your magical expedition in life, and whichever path you take, I will be here there every single step of the way.

You are going to change a lot as life will teach you many lessons:

Life will change and so are the people, but never force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Life is like the ocean, some days the waves will take you down and you will question yourself the other days it will be calm and peaceful. All you have to do is to learn how to swim.

When you will know scars that you got, pain that you felt, hurt that you will endure, was not a waste, you will learn, learn how life can be, how it will try to pissed you off, and how strongly will you acted, how courageously will you get up again. You are bravo!!!

You are not a cry baby, you are allowed to shed tears:

Tears are not a sign of weakness. When we cry we allow things to let go, we deny to let emotions to subjugate us. Pain, guilt, regret, all feelings scattered as we wipe out our tears. Don’t afraid of crying, but never break down in front of who don’t value your whine.

Don’t need to be best at everything:

You don’t need to be adroit at everything or be the Miss perfectionist, but always be ready acquire knowledge, even you are not supposed to master the skill. We make mistake, we learn, we grow, we live. The same circle will follow in your life.

Your beauty:

Beauty isn’t about contours on your face, curves on body, and appeal in your sexuality. Personal grooming, appearance, and clothing are necessary, but not that much you always carve for.

Sometimes, you may find beauty in an ugly face, charm in the scattered curves, and happiness in the unpleasant smile. Value these.

Indulge with yourself:

People are not always going to hold you, to be with you, to light candle for you. Even you are only one, enjoy. There is no point saving your happiness for other people. Life is all about being happy or spread happiness, with someone or without anyone. If you learn this, you will never be alone, you will never be lonely.

We may get angry I may scold you there may be times when you feel like don’t talk to me. We may contradict ourselves at many things, I may not like your certain things, I may not accept your two much behavior, but love between us two will always be intact. And that is our relationship.