We always want to feel amazing and everything perfect like a self-proclaimed perfectionist. At any phase, if the feeling is not the exact, we think as if something is wrong with us, we messed up somewhere. And start grueling the question all over the head. This makes it very difficult to deal with the current situations. We start examining and analyzing.

The reason being we have labeled emotions, feelings things as negative and positive. At some points, we waste too much time to figure out what is right and wrong.

We see everything from the filter of good and bad. We need not say everything happens for good or whatever happened was bad. There is no meaning reciting these two adages. But you can better say everything happens for a reason being unknown. This may help too.

When you find it bad, you feel really hurt, disappointed and burned out. Sometimes, you stop moving forward, stop experiencing the full array of surprises life has to offer.

Our childhood conditioning taught us, lie is bad, disrespecting elders is bad, life is complicated, you need to be hard to seek happiness, and these perspectives or filters make a person equally good or bad, joyful or sad. This ultimately leads us to judge a person, question mark all his actions and emotions.

You don’t accept that it was meant to happen, they were destined to move on, you are supposed to stuck here, there is no point blaming others for your hardship. After all, it’s your life and that’s your responsibility to make your life a meaningful direction.

Why we forget to realize is that we are not going to feel awesome at every moment of every second. And that’s ok.

Don’t label any person, any situation, any circumstance, and any thing, just see them as they are. We are no body to judge. It won’t help you feel better. The too much of everything is just not fine.

Instead of straining everything from your back behind, view and approach them as they are. After all, everything is the product of our experiences.

No one is completely happy, neither they are all sad. We all seeking answers to some particular questions. And this is life, where we keep searching for things, some make us cheer and some miserable.

We should accept the life just is and embrace the chaos, zeal, happiness, great, sorrow, everything that we inevitably encounter. Every emotion is worth!!!!