You will never know what is going to happen in the next moment. May be your best friend call you after so long, may be you bumped and you find uncomfortable to get up, may be your flight get an emergency landing, may be anything, and then you say, “o gosh, it was so sudden, I couldn’t even react.”

Uncertainty can be overwhelming and overpowering. It can be anxious and challenging, it can make you observer and analyzer. But, without it, life will be less charismatic, less challenging, less victorious, less escalation, less liveliness, and less success.

When every moment is unpredictable, it becomes more interesting to be the best version of you. You should know how to live with the uncertainty and stop ponder about life affirmation.

Uncertainty often prompts action and innovation. It is a growth driven factor. When our brain finds something unknown, adrenaline rushes that provoke us to act. However, it reveals the character. It divulges whether we are fortitude personality who preserve, hold onto hope or whether we sink into the smallest personality.

Life is better when it is little unpredictable. Because uncertainty leaves room for the unexpected. Never alter your decision because of unforeseen. Life is full of sudden surprises that keep you on the move.

Whatever uncertainty you face, take it with the whole heart, open your mind to adapt changes and face off with the greatest zeitgeist, make it a challenge, conquer and write your golden history by your own hand.

Do something that scares you that makes you uncomfortable that will grow you that will make so independent, you will have to rely on your own brain. Find your soulful voice to do everything that you want irrespective of your ongoing path.

One day, just for one day, do something you have never thought of, you also scared of. Go to different route to work, drive on empty, take a dare, don’t check emails for the whole day, close your WhatsApp, don’t look at social media, take a break from everything and just enjoy the simplicity around you.

I know, it’s unknown where the path will lead you, but it’s gonna be damn beautiful, may be not the destination but the journey, a beautiful journey of an unpredictable life. A journey that will overwhelm you with multi-life experiences.